When it works, it’s really good.

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When it works, it’s really good.

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The evolution of Run-Pass-Options in the NFL creates a learning curve for Ben Roethlisberger Football is a game which is constantly evolving and changing. Whether it was the introduction to the forward pass https://www.thesteelerslockerroom.com/a ... nds-jersey , the shotgun offense, the Wildcat formation or the newest buzzword in football circles “RPOs”.For those who don’t know, RPO stands for Run-Pass-Option, and this is a unique twist on how an offense will run their offense from the line of scrimmage. On any given play, the quarterback will have a choice between a run and pass play, but will choose between the two...sometimes it is a split-second decision.Everyone has to be prepared, and everyone has to be on time for this style of offense to work, and for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger — it is still new.New offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner has implemented more RPOs into the offense than any other coordinator during the Roethlisberger era, and Roethlisberger spoke on Wednesday about how this is still a work-in-progress for him.Roethlisberger spoke about RPOs during his Wednesday media availability.“It seems to be the hot topic in football now. Whether it is the NFL or college sometimes it’s just prudent to try things. You can ask receivers to block guys that come down or you can ask them to run a route. If it’s o g to take time for me to get used to it and perfect it. I am going to work at it though because it can be good, as we saw.” Roethlisberger is trying to get accustomed to RPOs, but does he really like them?“I just think it gives you options. It’s one of those things where you can hand the ball off with eight or nine in the box and beat your head against the wall sometimes. Or you can find a way to fake it an et clicking. Tony Dungy once said you don’t know what teams are good, or bad, until the month of October. In this instance, the Pittsburgh offense has many areas where they need to improve, and learning RPOs, and the timing of these plays, is certainly a part of the improvement process heading int ers might not have a game this Sunday, but that does not mean everyone in the organization had the weekend off. With a number of notable matchups on the college football schedule on Saturday, the Steelers were one of many teams with scouts on hand to watch the action unfold.If Le’Veon Bell really was at the Michigan State/Ohio State game as had been rumored, he might have bumped into a scout from Pittsburgh.Meanwhile another was as the Alabama/Mississippi State game.And the Steelers also had the Penn State/Wisconsin game covered.After already having been to the Wake Forest/N.C State game the night before.The list of talent worth seeing at these games is far too long to list here and it would be safe to assume that these four contest do not even represent a fraction of the games around the country the Steelers would have been represented at this weekend. Often an overlooked aspect of the pre draft discussion, especially when noting a team’s pre-draft interest, is the obvious fact that NFL teams will have done extensive scouting on many potential options far in advance of the draft. Dedicated regional scouts will have spent at least a year or more tracking certain prospects and their evaluations will go a long way in shaping a teams opinion about a player.


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